Waxman Lawson Financial is an independent life insurance brokerage firm that serves the income tax planning and wealth conservation objectives of our ultra-affluent clientele. We specialize in the use of private placement variable life insurance and annuity products to help achieve our clients’ objectives of increasing after tax returns, asset protection, charitable planning and estate conservation.

Our extensive knowledge of and experience in implementing private placement life and annuity policies enable us to educate our clients in all aspects of these private placement products so as to help ensure that our clients’ acquisitions are structured in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. This approach helps to enable our clients to achieve their unique wealth accumulation and wealth transfer objectives.

We demonstrate our continuing commitment to our clients after a policy placement through our ongoing proactive administration of clients’ policies and our regular client discussions to ensure continuity as needs and objectives shift over time. Waxman Lawson Financial seeks to be a trusted advisor of our clients’ financial team.